13 January, 2018

My Rad Life Journal Review

I feel like I haven't posted in ages! I'm sorry guys. I got to a point last year where I was reading so much and there was just too much to review, so I decided not to do it. But anyway I'm back with a review for a book I got from Blogging For Books. It's actually a journal a got a while ago but I wanted to take the time to actually use it before I did this so here we go. This will probably be very short. Also I'm not going to be doing this like I do other reviews because this is a journal. 
This journal by Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl is so cute! I'm really bad with keeping up with journaling so it ended up turning into a book of doodles but I loved it. I really liked the little illustrations and quotes that were scattered throughout the pages. It actually reminded me of this book that I had that was full of sleepover activities that I got at a school book fair a long time ago. I love having it the quotes are really inspirational and that's something that I will always look forward to when I pick this up.

That's all for now! Bye!!! 

16 November, 2017

Archie Volume 1 Mini-Review


America’s Favorite Teenager, Archie Andrews, is reborn in the pages of this must-have graphic novel collecting the first six issues of the comic book series that everyone is talking about. Meet Riverdale High teen Archie, his oddball, food-loving best friend Jughead, girl-next-door Betty and well-to-do snob Veronica Lodge as they embark on a modern reimagining of the beloved Archie world. It’s all here: the love triangle, friendship, humor, charm and lots of fun – but with a decidedly modern twist.

I'm not going to lie. The only 2 reasons I had for buying this book is 1, Fiona Staples did the art. If you don't know who she is, she does the art for Saga and some other stuff, She's amazing!! And second is just that I love Riverdale so much that I want to own anything that has to do with Archie and the Gang. 

Now let me just start by saying that I hate Veronica even more in this book than I do in the show. She was so irritating  and since I knew that Archie and Betty were together at one point seeing her was just annoying. I obviously loved seeing Jughead because I love Jughead! And I kind wish He and Betty were together 😭 because I ship it! 

I don't even know what to talk about when it comes to this. The art was as always beautiful. I really like Fiona Staples style and the story itself was good. It got boring at times but it wasn't too bad. I do want to buy the next couple volumes so I can continue the story and hopefully see familiar and new characters. 
I guess that's all I have for now. So okay... Bye! ☮

October Wrap-Up

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Hi everyone! I know its the middle of November but I just don't feel like writing reviews for all the comic books Ive read. So instead I'm going to do a wrap up, but I want to do something like Christine at Polandbananasbooks does with " Stories I ate this month" and include TV shows and Movies. So I hope you enjoy!
So I read 3 books, watched 2 TV Shows, and watched 10 movies.
First book is Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Volume 1:

I don't have a review written about this book but I gave it a 4/5 stars. It was actually really good. I expected something different because when I was reading Infinity T'Challa kinda seemed like an angry and unhinged character. So this was pretty surprising for me and I really want to read more Black Panther from this author. 

Vampire Academy: 
 I don't have a review for this one either. I picked this book up randomly and it was pretty entertaining. For this though I like the movie much better even if it isn't that good. I gave this book 3/5 stars. I guess I was just missing vampire stories and I remembered I had the first two books of this series in the back of my shelf. I'm definitely going to read the second one, just not any time soon. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 

I have a Review for this book so If you want to know what I thought then check it out. I gave both the movie and book 3.5 stars. The review isn't long either. 

TV Shows: 

Stranger Things Season 2: 

I haven't written a review for this yet but it was so good! I haven't reviewed the first season either but I don't think I'm going to do that... Maybe. Anyway I gave season 2 an A+! So much happened and I really started to like characters that I hated. Ill be  posting a review for this season eventually so if you want to know more about what I thought be ready for that.

Big Mouth:
I have a weird relationship with this show. Its all about puberty and its probably way too relatable, some parts are really weird but the rest is just ugh. The show is hilarious in an immature middle schooler way and even though sometimes it's absolutely disgusting I can't help but love it. Its a really messed up show that deserves at least a B-,  I can't wait for season 2 if there will be one. 

You Get Me:
 First things first, I don't like Bella Thorne at all! And its not just the dumb stuff she does on social media its the acting this time. I liked this movie, I have it a B, but her acting was so cringe and I hated all the scenes she was in. Everything else about the movie was pretty good though. I don't even know how I found it but I liked it.

The Babysitter:
Another movie with Bella Thorne in it but thankfully she was pretty much overshadowed by the other actors in the movie. The babysitter is pretty much a comedic slasher flick and I loved it. The kid really frustrated the crap out of me throughout the whole movie but it was fun to watch. I have this a B+. Watch this movie guys.

Nightmare before Christmas:
A classic! Do I need to say more? I watch this multiple times between October and December. Its obviously an A+ movie otherwise I wouldn't watch it every year. Right?

Another classic that I got to last year. This is just an A movie because it scares me and I hate being scared but its still really good and well made.

The Corpse Bride:
This is the first time I've watched this movie in years!! I forgot everything so it was really nice to go back to it and watch it again. I didn't enjoy it as much as I remembered that I did, but it was still a great movie A-

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List:
I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE! Ely and Naomi are "Best Friends" but he's a selfish asshole and she's homophobic... HOW?! That's all I have to saw about this movie.  C-, because I did like watching it a little. 

Another movie that I watched out of nowhere. It was actually a pretty good movie. Of course there were some really irritating characters and so many unrealistic things but it was entertaining and I guess that's what counts. B-

Bridget Jones Diary:
The movie that started this all... This movie was absolutely hilarious my goodness! I loved it so much and I was so happy to see the second one on Netflix too. Ive stayed away from these movies because I didn't want to see some sad thirty something get with the first guy she sees, but this movie really made that whole trope into a joke and I was here for it. A+

Bridget Jones Baby:
Another A+ movie because this one was just as good as the first one! I think my love for these movies stem from Love Actually even though they are nothing alike. But anyway another hilarious movie and honestly I was really mad with the way this movie started especially with how the first movie ended. How dare they! But yeah A+ all the way

That's all the stuff I consumed in October and there is a lot more this month that I can't wait to talk about. Anyway that's all for now... Bye!

14 November, 2017

Vikings Review

I give this show a B+

Ragnar is a Viking farmer who pioneers the first daring raids into England with the support of fellow warriors: his brother Rollo, and his wife, Lagertha.

This show, like Crazy Ex- Girlfriend, is one that I've seen Christine at Polandbananasbooks talk about. I really trust her opinions on things like books and TV shows so I decided to give it a try even though this is typically not something that I would watch. I was SHOOK by the time the first season ended! 
There's so much betrayal and drama that it made me feel better about the fact that Game of Thrones won't be back till 2019. I don't know if it's the actors of the story itself but I completely fell in love with a lot of the characters, it even got to the point where I went to Tumblr and all you Tumblr users know how it goes. I ended up falling in love with characters that aren't even in the show yet. 

 Ivar... it was Ivar. I don't even know anything about him. Anyway I really enjoyed this show and My favorite character has to be Floki. I don't know what it is with Skarsgard men but they are just so... I don't know likable! There is something about Floki that makes me like him much more than other characters. Maybe because he's funny or because of the cool eye makeup I have no idea.

Also Rollo... I REALLY like Rollo for some reason He has this annoying thing where he likes to betray people and I'm not with that shit but at the same time I understand him. He's the older brother and yet he is always a shadow to his younger brother. Not cool! But it doesn't excuse betrayal!!

Anyway yeah the characters are awesome and even though I had really low expectations for this show because its on History Channel, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is. At this point in time I've already started season 4, but seasons 2 and 3 were equally as good and they really managed to rip my heart out and make me fear for the lives of people who are already dead 😂. Not funny but okay yeah. I think that's all I can really say without getting into spoilers.

Again there is a lot of drama and fighting, it is such a wonderful show and it's definitely different from anything that I usually watch. Even Game of Thrones. So yeah. That's all for now, Okay Bye!

12 November, 2017

The Walking Dead Volume 10 Mini-Review

Spoilers like always

Rating: 5/5
Collects issues #55-60. Out on their own, danger lurking around every corner, our ragged band of survivors tries to live long enough to reach Washington D.C... but at what cost?

This was honestly my favorite one so far. It is my favorite episode in the show and I loved reading it so much! In case you're wondering it is the finale of season 4 and it is fantastic! My favorite part is the part where Rick and Abraham ( he's with Michonne in the show) are on the road returning from the police station I believe and those guys ambush them. It makes me so nervous and angry and I love it! This scene:

Thats really the only thing I remember from this volume because that was my favorite scene in the whole show so I guess I don't have much to talk about. I do really wish that this comic was in color but at the same time I love that it isn't because it makes it seem creepier. Anyway thats all I have for now. Okay. Bye!

08 November, 2017

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book and Movie Mini-Review

 I kept this so short because I don't really have a lot to say about this but I hope you enjoy anyway! 

Rating: 3.5/5

I don't think this really needs a summary. We all know what Harry Potter is about. 

I was so dedicated to finishing this book the second time around! I powered through this book and it's a good thing that I did because I enjoyed it. I didn't really enjoy it as much as I could have but it was still good. My problem with it really was the fact that like 600 out of the 800 pages was just Harry being a student or being locked in 12 Grimmauld place, It got very boring after a while. Another problem I had with this book, was the fact that the climax wasn't very climactic. I expected a lot more for this book after the way Goblet of Fire effected me but meh. The death in the book wasn't very impactful to me and the way everything was set up was a little bland. I'm still going to finish the series though because Harry Potter isn't iconic for nothing. I have the same opinions about the movie there is just something missing from this installment that just didn't really impress me like the others did. Anyway thats all for now Bye!!!

Batman Year One Mini-Review

Rating: 5/5
Synopsis: Lieutenant James Gordon takes up a new post in the crime-ridden and corrupt city of Gotham, while billionaire Bruce Wayne returns to the scene of his parents' deaths, intent on punishing the criminal element.
My Thoughts: This is the first Batman comic that I have ever read and I freaking loved it! I loved seeing Batman before he was the crime fighting superhero, and seeing him mess up and be clumsy. It was a really good read and I surprisingly liked the art. I kinda wish there was more to this story line because I honestly don't know what Im supposed to read next but I'm super excited to find out and continue on this Batman journey. I wish it was a little longer because there were somethings that felt rushed and some things that didn't make sense to me but I think I was able to get past that because it was such a great story. I wish there was a year 2 and we get to meet the joker or something haha. Anyway thats all I have for now so bye!!
Links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59980.Batman?ac=1&from_search=true