28 February, 2017

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear Mini-Review

Title: Daredevil: The Man Without Fear
Author: Frank Miller
Illustrator: John Romita Jr.
Rating: 4.5/5
Synopsis:Taunted and tormented by children while growing up, Matt's life was irrevocably altered after he was blinded by radioactive materials while saving the life of an old man. The payoff? An unbreakable will and a keen intelligence, helping focus the super-senses he was blessed with during the accident.

My Thoughts: I liked this SO much!!! I'm pretty sure this is what the show is based off of right? Because they were so similar. The one thing I didn't like was they way Elektra was drawn she didn't look sexy and mysterious at all... She looked like The Joker from the batman animated series.

That's what I see and I didn't like the fact that Matt was like pining over her when she was clearly not a good person. Anyway what I really want to know is if there is more to this because it was pretty good and there were still a lot of unanswered questions. I liked the art, I didn't like the coloring though it was just weird. The story was obviously good because I gave it  4.5 stars. So yeah I think people should read this and read Born Again too because they're both really good Daredevil stories (The only ones I've read.)  So that's all for now... Okay... Bye!
Links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6375187-daredevil

27 February, 2017

Paper Girls Mini-Review

Title: Paper Girls Vol. 1
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrator: Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson
Rating: 3/5
Synopsis: In the early hours after Halloween of 1988, four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls uncover the most important story of all time. Suburban drama and otherworldly mysteries collide in this smash-hit series about nostalgia, first jobs, and the last days of childhood.

My Thoughts: Let me just start by saying that I feel like the synopsis is super misleading, but that's whats on the back cover.
I somewhat liked this. I actually got this today and read it right away expecting something amazing because Brian K. Vaughan is the author. I was disappointed, mainly because nothing made sense to me and none of the characters were important enough to me to even try to remember their names. I didn't really like the art style but I did love the coloring, Lots of oinks blues and purples which I really loved. I didn't dislike it enough to completely stop reading it but I didn't like it enough to pick up the next volume right away. Maybe it gets better by volume 2 (like Sex Criminals apparently does)which I hope is true because I know Brian K. Vaughan can write some good hsit. That's it I didn't have too much to say. It was just a really weird read with Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff and different alien species. So that's it... Okay Bye!
Links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28204534-paper-girls-vol-1

22 February, 2017

Watchmen Volume 1 Mini-Review

Title: Watchmen Volume 1
Author: Alan Moore
Illustrator: Dave Gibbons
Rating: 3.5/5
Synopsis: October 12 , 1985. Two police detectives investigate the murder of Edward Blake who was forced out of his apartment window by an unknown assailant.
My Thoughts: First things first. I would say it's best to go into this knowing as little as possible. In my case I don't know anything... I haven't even seen the movie but a lot of comic book readers love this and V for Vendetta so I'm guessing it's good that I know nothing.
I liked this fairly well. I think there was something else I was supposed to read before this??? I don't know? I did like the story though I really like the art style. I don't know but the art and the fact that the pages feel like newspaper is nice to me... and its colored too. I was getting sick of the black and white pages of The Walking Dead. I needed a break. By the way I got this a couple of days ago along with the Man Without Fear. I couldn't find Rat Queens and the Lumberjanes I did find didn't look like the one I've always seen so I wasn't sure. I didn't get it but I did order Paper Girls Vol. 1 and I should be getting it sometime this month... or next month.
Anyway!! This story is basically about retired superheroes and how they are getting murdered and this guy Rorschach seems to be the only one who cares so far. I really like the idea behind it and the fact that it almost seems like this guy hates the city he lives in. There was also a couple pages at the end of the chapter that is from a book that is mentioned a couple times and I believe that's the same throughout the entire thing.
I'm going to start the second Volume right now so I'm going to be cutting this short... That's all for now. Okay... Bye!
Links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17984601-watchmen-vol-1?ac=1&from_search=true

This Sorrowful Life Mini-Review (The Walking Dead Volume 6)

The photo below is pretty graphic... Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Title: The Walking Dead Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life
Author: Robert Kirkman
Illustrator: Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn
Rating: 3/5
Synopsis:Trapped in a town surrounded by madmen, Rick must find a way out or die trying. Meanwhile, back at the prison, the rest of the survivors come to grips with the fact Rick may be dead, and a major turning point in the series is reached.

My Thoughts: I finished this awhile ago. Last week actually and this had been sitting in my drafts. I've been putting off writing this for some reason... I'm not sure why but I'm going to finish this. I didn't like this much. It wasn't bad but it was a little boring and I hope that's not going to continue because the last two before this one were boring too. A lot happened in this volume... don't get me wrong but it was just a little anti-climactic until almost the end which is the part in the picture. A cool part I guess is when they got back to the prison and it was overrun by walkers. For a second I thought everyone was dead but only Otis died. I didn't like him anyway so it wasn't so bad. I'm going to keep this short because besides the fact that Michonne really F*CKED the Governor up nothing really exciting happened. So that's it for now.
Okay... Bye!
Links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/138395.The_Walking_Dead_Vol_06

09 February, 2017

The Best Defense Mini-Review (The Walking Dead Volume 5)


Title: The Walking Dead Volume 5: The Best Defense
Author: Robert Kirkman
Illustrator: Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn
Synopsis: As the survivors settle into their prison home something has drawn them out into the open... out of the prison... out of their sanctuary. This is a major turning point for the overall story of The Walking Dead, setting the stage for years to come.
Picture: Hate this guy!

My Thoughts: This one was a little meh for me... It was a little slow. All the stuff from the last volume kinda forgotten. Not completely though but I feel like with everything that happened there should have been some more tension between some of the members of Rick's group. I mean Rick and Tyreese aren't exactly friends but they still seemed too... okay if that makes sense. I guess that's what happens when you finish a volume with drama you start the next one pretty chill. But this one had no chill! The moment Rick and Glenn saw that Helicopter I knew what was going to happen and I was already dreading it. So when Michonne, Rick, and Glenn finally got to meet that POS up there ^^^^ The Governor I was so angry. I mean I haven't formed any kind of emotion connection with these characters... To be honest I don't really care about these characters, but just knowing what he might do made me mad. One thing that caught me by surprise was the fact that almost right off the bat he revealed he was the bad guy which I guess is okay but I wish he would have been like a really good host getting them to trust him then BAM show his true colors.... We can't always get what we want though. I think my problem with this whole thing besides the fact that Phillip cut Rick's hand off almost immediately was the fact that Michonne was the only one who was being beaten while the other two were just left alone. I mean I get that he chose her just to be an ass and to torture Glenn but in a way he's not getting anything by doing that because if he kills her he'll never get what he wants.

I'm not even on topic anymore!! Sorry I'm tired... Anyway back at the prison everyone is worried because Rick, Michonne and Glenn were gone for a couple days and they have no way to communicate with them! I feel bad for Lori (Even though I don't like her) because she's so pregnant and Rick isn't there. And Carol... Oml that woman is insane!! I don't think I can deal with her anymore... I kinda want to know if she dies because I can't! I mean it's way different from the show! Sofia is alive so Carol will die right??? I hope so.

Anyway!! I'm too tired to continue this so that's all for now. Okay... Bye!!
Links: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1907539969

08 February, 2017

The Heart's Desire Review (The Walking Dead Volume 4)

Spoilers if you haven't read this. 

Title: The Walking Dead Volume 4: The Heart's Desire
Author: Robert Kirkman
Illustrator: Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn
Rating: 2.5/5
Synopsis: Life in the prison starts to get interesting for Rick Grimes and the rest of our survivors. Relationships heat up, fizzle out, and change entirely almost overnight. By the end of this volume, relationships between key characters are radically changed, setting the stage for future events in The Walking Dead.
Picture: I got way too excited when he said it. I don't know I just can't help it.

My Thoughts: I didn't really like this volume. There were so many things wrong with it and it was just too much! Where do I even start?
Let me just say the females in this one at least were written poorly before they weren't written that well either but this was just awful. Especially Michonne and Patricia. I don't think there was much of her in the last couple volumes. I know she was with Otis who by the was is racist as hell. I don't like him. It was like she was just written to seem like a naive and stupid girl because she trusted and tried to help a murderer. Like girl did you actually think he wasn't going to try and  kill you? Ugh I couldn't with her! And Michonne!!! Oh my goodness! I feel like she was just added to the story to cause problems and I hated it because she is such a great character in the show! I mean she broke up Carol and Tyreese and I feel like that was really it for her in this volume! No! That is not who Michonne is. And Carol... Hell NO! She sees Tyreese and Michonne together and yeah she has the right to be sad and angry, I mean who wouldn't be??? My first problem with her though is that she was more distraught about the fact that he and Michonne were together than when she thought he was dead. That was the first moment I was like oh hell no... Then she slits her wrists in front of her child!! I couldn't deal with her! I'm not sure how long Carol and Tyreese were together but that doesn't matter!!! I just don't get it! I obviously don't like Lori, she is her usual self and Andrea I'll get to in a second.

The men (Tyreese and Rick) turning against each other pissed me off. I mean they're both murderers. Rick murdered to protect the group and honestly I would have killed Dexter too but Tyreese. He literally mutilated a teenage boy and he has the nerve to judge Rick?? Like he was trying to turn everyone against Rick and everyone thinks Rick is crazy but TYREESE LITERALLY MUTILATED A CHILD! Like no stop!!! None of this made sense to me how Tyreese can try to guilt him over something he did to protect them because he was right that the second everything was okay that guy was going to kill them or kick them out. I'm personally don't like Tyreese anymore because of what he did with Michonne and because of what he just said. He also totally tried to kill Rick whether it was on accident or not he did it and I hate the fact that the whole group had this vote while Rick was unconscious. So now he's not the leader which I guess is okay for him... but what bothered me the most was that they formed a committee with all men and that's what everyone wanted. I'm calling BS because for one I know Andrea wouldn't let that happen. She always has to put her two cents into everything and I honestly don't believe that she wouldn't have wanted to be on the committee. She's always trying to be a leader too and I find it so hard to believe she was okay with that arrangement.
I just didn't like this volume. Lets leave it at that. I hope it gets better in the next one because I know the Governor will be in it soon. I can't wait to see his character and Woodbury and all that jazz.
That's all for now. Okay... Bye!!

Oh! One more thing! It's a question actually... Why is Glenn drawn like an alien and not an Asian man? I think he looks really creepy and not human sometimes. I don't like it!

Links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/138397.The_Walking_Dead_Vol_04

07 February, 2017

Safety Behind Bars Mini-Review (The Walking Dead Volume 3)

Title: Safety Behind Bars (The Walking Dead Volume 3)
Author: Robert Kirkman
Illustrator: Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn
Rating: 4.5/5
Synopsis:  This volume follows our band of survivors as they set up a permanent camp inside a prison. Relationships change, characters die, and our team of survivors learn there's something far more deadly than zombies out there: each other.
Picture: The best thing that has ever happened in this book. I can't stand Lori and I'm glad Rick finally told her to shut up... a little rude but you know what she needed to hear it.

My Thoughts: I dug into a box filled with books just to get this out. It was all the way on the bottom but it was worth it. With the Walking Dead TV show coming back on on Sunday I was in the mood. This volume was so good! It felt good to start reading it again and reintroduce myself to some of the characters. Let me just say one thing I really wish I got to see in here... Daryl Dixon. I know hes not in any of these but I really wish he was because he's my favorite character in the show. Its just because there was a part where Rick was leaving the prison and he got on a motorcycle and all I could see was Daryl.

Anyway!!! I obviously really liked this volume. I had to get used to the characters faces because some of them looked alike and I had to get used to the fact that there was no color but that was okay. I noticed that this was kind of wordy and I honestly don't remember the other two being like that. But other than that it was good. We got to meet the four guys from the prison who by the way are ASSHOLES!!! Excuse my language but oh my goodness! I was so angry with the way this volume ended! Like it was totally not cool. On top of the fact that, like the synopsis says, characters died I was just so angry but I want more. So I'm going to read more.I really am not liking Lori and I mean I didn't even like her in the show so... but she's like 600x more annoying and I can't take it! I do wish carl was in it a little more. I know he's still a little kid and they're trying to keep the kids away from all of the horrors in the world but I liked carl especially after he killed shane. Even though I wish he was in it a little longer because now he's just the guy that tried to kill rick and the guy that slept with ricks wife. He didn't have enough of a story.

But anyway I think this is going to be the point where the action really starts. I can't wait for the Governor to come into the story and mess everything up. I liked that season of the show because we got to meet the queen of everything Michonne and also at that point I started hating Andrea more than I already did. So yeah That's is. Okay... Bye!!!
Links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30069.The_Walking_Dead_Vol_03

01 February, 2017

January Wrap-Up

I was finally able to get something done and it feels good. I'm still not feeling the motivation to read an actual novel but I'll get there eventually... So I read 11 Comic Books this month and I feel so proud of myself for it!

I wish I was able to take a new picture for this but I already sealed all of the boxes my books are in so I'm just using the pics I took when I got them. They're pretty pictures anyway. If you want to see more follow me on Instagram 😉😉😉 You like how I just threw that in there??? The link is in my Contact me tab! Its also right HERE

I'm not going to list them because you can see them but I will leave links to all of the Mini-Reviews I did for all of these.

Saga Volume 6
Saga Volume 5
Saga Volume 4
Sex Criminals Volume 1
Civil War
Daredevil: Born Again
Saga Volume 3
Captain America: Winter Soldier Volume 1
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers Volume 1
Saga Volume 2
Captain America: To Serve and Protect
Saga Volume 1 I read this on the 31st of December but I just wanted to add it in case anyone wanted to look at all of them.
But yeah that's it for now... Okay Bye!!! 😙😙😙