04 April, 2016

Art From Tumblr

Ahh! Do you see this?! An artist from Tumblr made me this and its so beautiful. Her Tumblr URL is smolest-art and she makes Steven Universe art. Check her blog out!  http://smolest-art.tumblr.com/

03 April, 2016

Daredevil Season 2 Review

Title: Daredevil Season 2
Rate: *****
Quote: "You hit 'em and they get back up. I hit 'em and they STAY down!"
Summary: After Wilson Fisk's downfall in the city of Hell's Kitchen, New York, drug cartels and gangs find that the throne is open to anyone who is willing to fight for it. The stakes are high and rivals are painting the streets with the blood of their enemies. Just when they think they are almost to the top a man sweeps in wiping them out one by one. He is known as the Punisher and his roles there are The Judge, The Jury and The Executioner and hes not leaving until every one of them pays for what they did to him. Hes spreading panic and Chaos throughout Hell's Kitchen and Matt doesn't know if he should keep trying to be an ordinary lawyer at his firm Nelson & Murdock or continue to be the masked vigilante "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen". More problems arise when his former lover comes back into his life asking him to help her take down a secret Japanese organization known as "The Hand". Matt is put to the test when he has to choose between trying to preserve the relationships he has with the people he cares about or saving the city he grew up in and making sure innocent people in Hell's Kitchen are protected. Loyalties are tested promises are broken and no one will be the same after. (Hey! I wrote that!!! I feel like its so bad though so I'm going to leave a link below so you can read a proper summary if you want),
My Thoughts: Im going to talk about the characters first because if I get right to it I will die slowly as each word is typed. So i'll do that last.

Matt Murdock: 

Ohh!!! Okay. So Matt actually made me kind of angry this season for reasons. I mean I understand hes taken it upon himself to keep the people of Hell's Kitchen safe or whatnot but hes doing too much and hes forgetting all his friends, the people he claims to be protecting, but his actions are causing them to do stupid things *cough cough* Karen. Don't get me wrong I love the guy but hes spreading himself out so thin and in the process hes turning into an asshole towards everyone especially his best friend Foggy Nelson. The fact that he was doing that really had me messed up because Foggy was with him through everything and he even knows Matt's secret about being Daredevil. How could you do that? They even stopped being friends because Matt didn't want to change. He didn't care and that made me so mad! Which leads me to the next character.

Foggy Nelson

Ill admit he was being annoying AF when it came to Matt being The Devil of Hell's Kitchen but I can totally see where hes coming from. He was feeling left out and he was worried about his best friend who by the way was never really around and if he was something would come up. In my eyes Foggy was trying to be a good friend. But then when Matt ignored everything he said I feel like Foggy was overreacting just a little. I mean there was no reason to completely end the friendship and close the firm. I think he was just tired of his best friend being a dumb doughnut and was just done. In a way i'm glad he did it because Foggy is my little cupcake and he doesn't deserve unnecessary stress but also i'm sad that he did it because now they cant be Nelson & Murdock Avocados at Law. 

Karen Page

Okay I honestly hate Karen alot! Shes a nosy brat and she kissed Matt when everyone thought she was supposed to be with Foggy *shrugs*. I don't know all I know it she gets in a lot of trouble and causes even more. Shes probably the most annoying character on the show and I know shes only trying to do what she thinks is right but shes always doing stuff behind peoples backs. Oh! and when she met Frank Castle (The Punisher) she was almost flirting and i'm just sitting here like " B**** I hope he shoots you in the face for being stupid". I don't even want to talk about her anymore. 

Frank Castle <3

Okaaaaaaaayyyy this man... I just don't know. Look at that GIF... I some how find him extremely attractive covered in blood how could I not? Ill admit when I found out he was in the show I was so angry because I didn't like him. Mostly because of his role in The Walking Dead as Shane Walsh, that guy was an ass. But his role in this show... WOW. I know the Punisher is "bad" or whatever but watching the show you can't help but fall in love with him and learn everything he went through. You soon realize even though he did terrible things and killed a lot of people he isn't a monster hes lost and alone and hes hurt and he just wants someone to pay for all the crap he was put through. 

The show was overall amazing especially with the mix of characters and the difficult decisions they had to make. I wish season 3 was out because then id have something to watch. I finished this whole season in a day (No shame on my part) and I want to know what Frank is going to do now that he avenged his wife and daughter :'( I want to know what The Hand is going to do with Elektra's body and how the hell Matt is going to keep going when no one has his back anymore. I sure was an emotional mess by the end of the season and ill probably re watch it to feel the pain one more time. Oh one more thing... they kinda recreated the hallway scene for season one and let me just say it was cool AF and had me worried the whole time for both Frank and Matt. Okay thats it I'm done. I didn't want to start spoiling much because I didn't want to feel that much pain yet. I already hurt myself thinking Game of Thrones started today then finding out it starts on the 24th D':

Not my GIFs Obviously. 

02 April, 2016

Upcoming Posts

Okay so during my spring break I didn't exactly do what I wanted to do. I was supposed to catch up on my reading while I was in Tennessee, and it would have been perfect since I had absolutely no connection to the world. (NO WIFI AND NO CELL RECEPTION!) But! being the genius I am I remembered I didn't need WiFi to read my saved stories on Wattpad. So that's what I did and i'm not ashamed either because I technically did read.

SO in the next couple of days maybe if I have time I will be posting reviews on the 5 stories I've read and 2 TV show reviews. I know these aren't the books i was reading before. I had to take a break reading 4 books at once is draining.Anyways here's what to expect in the next couple days:

After 2 by Anna Todd (imaginator1D)

Mafioso Man by EclecticWriter

The Hobbit: Just Tell Me by Smw_author

The Impossible Mission by Abbiemcs

Twist & Shout (I don't know if that is the actual author)

DareDevil ~Season 2 

Bates Motel Seasons 1-3

Get ready for some possible rants because some of these were just so good I got to the point where I didn't even know how to react.